About Us

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About the owner
As a young'un, I lived in Vermont where trees were abundant. I loved swinging from my tree fort on a supcool rope swing. In the spring we tapped our maple trees and made syrup. Our job as kids was to pull a sled and fill big buckets of sap and bring them to the "sugar house," the wood stove in our yard. Moving to Colorado as a pre-teen gave me plenty of growing up and exploring time before I had to be an adult. As an adult, I began to dabble in rock climbing, which provided a great foundation for feeling comfortable in trees. I now am lucky enough to enjoy a career where I feel like a kid climbing a tree. The Blue Treeper was a character in my dad’s made up bedtime stories when I was a kid. The Blue Treeper lived in the woods and though young, knew the woods. He could be depended on when the local elementary school’s field trip went awry and needed to be rescued. As one who spends many hours in the week living in the trees, I relate to my dad’s mythological Blue Treeper. I have yet to rescue a school group from a rising creek…

Tree Ethics

What may have started as a job has turned into passion. We are in this business because we love trees. There is always more to learn about trees and the ecosystems they are part of. Part of being a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture is a commitment to ongoing education. It is a joy to spend the days swinging about in a big beautiful tree and evenings spent in the yard or parks in the presence of amazing trees. We care about each tree we work with. We strive to do what's right for the tree, your yard and you. We prefer not to remove healthy trees or use harsh chemicals to treat them. We offer non chemical solutions for unhealthy trees or refer you to companies who work with herbicides and pesticides.
Our Part
We will be competitive with our prices and do our best work. We can match a competitor's price within reason. A written bid and contact info for the other company will be required. We are who we say we are. You can find us on the list of licensed arborists in your city. Note that some cities do not require licensing. We won't try to sell you something you don't need. We will leave your property looking great and your trees better than they were. Please note that if there is snow on the ground, you will find buried treasures when it melts. Everything will be small enough that it can go in your compost pile or the trash bin. Each individual on site is insured in case of damage to property. Call us to talk about specifics of our policy or concerns about damages to property. Our equipment is loud. This is not the day to have a lunch meeting on the patio.
Your Part
There may be some prep work for you before we get to your house. We ask that any area we may need to access is clear. This includes, but is not limited to, the area around and under the trees we will be working on, access paths between the trees and the front of the house, driveways and in front of the house, neighbors' yards if we are working on trees that share airspace. When we arrive we can help move larger objects such as tables, grills and trampolines. A job may need to be postponed if there is a car in the driveway or the street where we absolutely must work. It's not necessary for you to be home on the day of the work. We won't need access to your house. Gates needed for access will need to be unlocked. This may include neighbors' as well. We love dogs! We don't want any harm to come to them if they run around under the trees, so please keep pets inside or confined away from the work zone. Also, please make sure dog messes are cleaned up prior to our arrival.