Blue Treeper Arbor Care

What We Do

PRUNING Pruning a tree can prolong its life and protect it from environmental damage. When a tree is young, specific pruning techniques can be used to help it grow in a way that its structural stability is encouraged.  A tree's growth can be guided away from your house or dangers such as power lines.  Ongoing maintenance keeps the tree off your roof, deck, sidewalk, driveway and roads.  We prune in a way that you won't have to worry about it for another 3-5 years.  When a tree is older, pruning can beautify, maintain the desired shape and size, as well as keep it from being at risk of damage from heavy snow and high winds.
DEADWOOD REMOVAL Dead branches hanging on by rotting wood can be dangerous when bad weather comes to town, increasing the risk of personal injury and property damage.  We can remove deadwood safely, making your tree safer and prettier.  This is a simple first step in caring for your tree.
PLANTING To make up for the trees we may need to remove, we love planting new ones!  Some trees can live more than 100 years. The sapling planted today may be enjoyed by generations to come! Spring and fall are great times to get a new one going.  We will help you choose an ideal tree and the best location in your yard.  We will set it up for success using high quality mulch and stakes for stability. 
We don't use chemicals to fertilize or treat pests or diseases.  We can refer you to qualified companies that do.  Instead, we look at your yard holistically and see how we can improve your mini-ecosystem.  Being around buildings and roads is tough on trees and frequently they don't get the nutrients they need.  Mulch is a great way to supplement your tree's nutritional needs, and we can drop off mulch to your house for free.  Application of mulch can be included when we are already working on trees at your house.
Some trees have great potential for sustaining damage from snow, wind or other natural events. In many cases the tree doesn't need to be removed. Instead, limbs can be supported with a cables. These cables are dynamic and allow the tree to sway naturally but keep them from hitting their breaking point. Most of the time the cables are hidden in the foliage.
Mulch and fire wood are some pretty great byproducts of the work we do.  Everyday mulch is free and will be dropped off in large quantities (8-12 cubic yards).  Firewood from work at your house can be left for free, as well. Cords of split and seasoned firewood are sold for $250. You must come and pick it up. There is no pine nor cottonwood. It is mostly maple, ash, honey locust and elm.
Is my Ash tree in danger?
The Emerald Ash Borer was found in the City of Boulder in 2013. It decimates trees and is predicted to kill all untreated ash trees.* It is currently quarantined in Boulder County but experts anticipate its inevitable arrival into the Denver area within a few years. Learn more about how Denver is preparing at *Boulder city forestry dept.
Do you take out the stump as well?
The stump grinding is bid separately and will be contracted to a stump grinding company.
Are you licensed and insured?
Blue Treeper Arbor Care is licensed in each city in which it contracts. A license exam requires a multi-facet test. Many smaller municipalities don't require licensing. The company carries liability insurance covering property and person.

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